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Couples Massage Training

£200 for 4 hours training

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Learn the skills to massage your partner confidently during labor and postpartum.

What to Expect

A unique 4 hour massage training for you and your partner designed to aid and facilitate your birth.

An initial consultation will last for approximately an hour, giving us time to work out your birth plan, discuss your massage and decide on which aromatherapy oils you might prefer. This can be done online, by phone, or in person.

We will then book the two 90-minute massage sessions.


We will work with the three different aromatherapy oils before I demonstrate the different massage strokes and routine. Your partner will then get to practice the massage for your labour.



couples massage training, learn skills to massage your partner confidently during birth and postpartum

During the second 90 minute session, we will go through the different techniques practiced and I will help you refine your touch for the different positions during labour. We will then discuss any contraindications and changes that may occur to the birth plan and how to manage them.


 Finally, I will give you a very special aromatherapy oil for the sacred moment of birth to unite you as a family. A ceremony I hope you remember forever and one that you can do each year with your child on their very special day.

I provide massage homework sheets (online and paper copies) for you to practice together for the next few weeks which include reflexology points for pain management, uterine stimulation & contractions and most importantly -  breathing exercises. There is an information pack on the best oils for stretch marks, linea nigra and chloasma, colostrum harvesting and tips and tricks to help you and your baby heal and to get back in shape after the birth.


Herne Hill

Herne Hill Space, 135 Dulwich Rd, London SE24 0NG

Effra space, 21 Effra Parade, London SW2 1PX

In the comfort

of your

own home!

(Additional Charges Apply)

College Lodge, College Rd, Dulwich Park,

SE21 7BQ

Terms and Conditions:


Cancellations on all bookings including classes require 48hrs notice for a full refund. Please email me on to confirm.

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